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Windows System Programming
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Using mdTypes [EN]

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Wrapping classes:
- md/lang/mdObject
-- md/lang/mdString
-- md/lang/mdInteger
-- md/lang/mdBoolean

mdObject is the base class for all mdTypes. It does define some basic virtual methods. Usually, you don't need this class in FreeBASIC.

mdString is a String wrapper with methods like replace() and split(). Example:

#Include Once "md/lang/mdString.bi"

Dim As String array()
Dim As mdString s = "Please replace all 'i' with 'I' and split this into an array"

s = s.replace("i", "I")

s.split(array(), " ")

For i As Integer = LBound(array) To UBound(array)
    Print i, array(i)


mdInteger is a Integer wrapper. It is designed as a replacement for FreeBASICs Integer, which can't be used in collections (see above). Example:

#Include Once "md/lang/mdInteger.bi"

Dim As mdInteger i = 5
i += 10

Print i, Str(i)


mdBoolean is a wrapper for a non-existing FreeBASIC boolean type. You can use it for TRUE/FALSE values. Example:

#Include Once "md/lang/mdBoolean.bi"

Dim As mdBoolean b = (0 = 1)

Print b, b.toString()

b = (b = b)

Print b, b.toString()

b = "FALSE"

Print b, b.toString()



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