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Spellweaver Card Designer

Projekt-Maintainer:Redakteurnemored Projektseite angelegt:13.01.2019
Lizenzierung:LGPL Letzte Bearbeitung:14.03.2021
Projektkategorie:Spiele      [Zurück zur Übersicht]

Externer Link!Spellweaver ist ein Sammelkartenspiel (CCG), dessen Wurzeln in Magic: The Gathering liegen, das aber einige neue Mechaniken verwendet. Der Card Designer erlaubt die Gestaltung eigener Karten, nur so aus Lust an der Freude. Das Programm verwendet sGUI von Muttonhead.


The Card Designer allows to create own cards (only as a fan creation, of course). It supports the established mechanics:


Current version: v0.4.190621
The full download (program, necessary recources, source code) can be found here:
Externer Link!https://users.freebasic-portal.de/nemored/sw/sw_carddesigner.zip

If you like the program, please support the game!


Mana Cost / Attack / Health / Energy:
You can use any number from 0 to 99, or leave the entry empty to disable it (e. g. for cards with no energy). It's also possible to enter "X" or "?".

Level requirement
Just enter the letters of the aspects you want to use. For example, to create a card with double nature and a third colorless level, use "NNX".
Level requirements support dual levels. You can enter "W/D" to add a dual level Wisdom/Dominion.

For Speed, you can use a number from 0 to 4, obviously.

Description text
The text field support shortcuts for different icons. All of them begin with a backslash \

The Energy icon isn't very nice - I can't manage outlined text, so I had to simplify the icon. I'm sorry about that.

Card art
The program works with PNG, JP(E)G or BMP only. The image is scaled automatically; for best result you should use 900x630 px, including space on the left side for the mana/level requirements (about 130 px).
When you save a card into a text file, the art isn't saved. So after a reload you have to load the art separately.

Save card image
You can only export a card image as PNG. Its size is 1000x1400 px, or 1552x1400 px when using a tooltip. The tooltip box will only be created when you enter a keyword and a keyword description.

Card preview
You always can see a small card preview on the right site. Click on it to see a larger preview.


Please don't care about overpowerd or underpowerd cards - they are only used to demonstrate the card designer.
Click on the images to see them in full size.
NB: all the pictures are painted by myself, so don't worry :D

Venus Flytrap - a normal creature:
Externer Link!VenusFlytrap-small.png

Uncle Sam - a spell with dual level requirement and a tooltip box:
Externer Link!UncleSam-small.png

Lupus the Lycanthrop - an invocation spell with some icons in the description text:
Externer Link!Lupus-small.png

Growing Constrictor - variable stats and bigger font size:
Externer Link!constrictor-small.png

Sam again - this time as a multicolored Hero:
Externer Link!HeroSam-small.png


Tooltip box added

Bugfix: loading of some settings wasn't possible
Added: "X" and "?" for stats (Mana/AT/HP/Energy); different alternatives for font size

Cards without stats (e. g. spells or artifacts) now use the whole available place for the text box.
Subtype and dual level requirement weren't shown correctly after loading.

The Program uses Externer Link!FreeImage now to load and save images. Therefore you can import JP(E)G, too, and card image export will be done as PNG.

Card preview is resized by FreeImage now, so you get a better quality than before.

Performance update: Card preview is generated much faster.

You now can create your own Heros.

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