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Drawing Diagrams into a Picture Control (FireFly)

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FireFly allows you to build Windows GUI applications in a very comfortable way (similiar to Visual Basic) by means of its own well documented functions library, without deep knowledge of WinAPI. This library, however, does not support any graphics stuff, you need WinAPI functions to draw anything on a window or into a picture control.

This downlaod package contains a small library (Chart.bas) which allows you to draw simple charts into a picture control within a FireFly project. Following types of charts can be drawn: line charts, spike charts, bar charts and pie charts. The code is rather simple and explained by comments so that you can easily modify or extend the code according to your needs.

The download comes with two FireFly projects: one project to test the different types of charts and one project as a small application example. Please read the readme file before running these projects!

I have used FireFly 3.62. This version can be downloaded here: Externer Link!http://www.planetsquires.com/files/FireFly_FB_362.rar. For more informations please contact the Externer Link!project site