Windows-Programmierung. Das Entwicklerhandbuch zur WIN32-API
Windows-Programmierung. Das Entwicklerhandbuch zur WIN32-API
"Der" Petzold, das über 1000 Seiten starke Standardwerk zum Win32-API - besonders nützlich u. a. bei der GUI-Programmierung in FreeBASIC! [Mehr Infos...]
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FireFly_FB_MP More Possibilities to compile

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Thanks a lot to Paul Squires for his fantastic Firefly RAD Tool .
And also for his permission to share my personal contributions ...
Compile to Exe or Dll ;
Compile with or without console
More menus and options ....

Here is what I have done to expand the possibilities to the Firefly FreeBasic +

Several modifications directly on the firefly.exe file using reshacker and hex editor
to modify and add menus items
to make 1correction ($crlf from PowerBasic syntax) in the messagebox tool
to modify the included template code to allow dll creation and ztrace possibility ...
I renamed the file : FireFlyMP.exe (MP > More Possibilities)

I've also created 5 extra files :
to hook the firefly exe menu : FB_FF3MP.Dll
to realize all the extended compilation options : FF3_CompFBMP.EXE
to give a "trace window" to help debugging : zTraceFB.dll
a Chm+ file for the extra features : FireFly+.chm
and Finally a launcher to organize everything : FireFly3_FB.exe
the link to download:

All works fine, and I always use it for my own tools, plus the Editor companion you can use with : CSED_FB

Here the link for : CSED_FB http://www.freebasic-portal.de/downloads/ides-fuer-freebasic/csedfb-multi-language-windows-ide-for-freebasic-259.html